Blackmer-liquified gas pumps are designed for highest performance and reliability under the toughest conditions. Blackmer developed the first practical positive displacement gas pump more than 40 years ago. Today, from the smallest cylinder charge process to the biggest and most advanced bulk material unloading system for bulk materials, are Blackmer-pumps transporting various media in different industries all over the globe.

Features and benefits:

  •  The pumps are stated by Underwriters Laboratory for LP gas and anhydrous ammonia service.
  • Cavitation repression isolation for reduction of sounds, vibrations and wear/ abrasion, which is normally caused by entrained gas bubbles
  • Interchangeable casing bushings and end caps enable a simple remodelling of the pump chamber into a mint condition
  • Construction made of casting with internal relief valve
  • The unique design of the vane pump adjustes to wear/ abrasion automatically to maintain the flow rate
  • Excellent self-priming and dry run capability
  • Blackmer mechanical seal and ball bearing offer a maximum of reliabilty
  • Symmetrical bearing support system ensures even strain and wear/ abrasion for a long serice life
  • A relief valve protects the pump from to high pressures
  • The external ball bearings are being isolated by mechanical seals to maximise the service life of the bearing and to minimise the risk of contamination
  • Easy maintenance: the wings can be exchanged without the pipe system being removed
  • Reliabilty even at critical media like CO2 or ammonia