Container-vaporiser plant, with dry-type vaporisers type FAS 2000 – total performance max. 1250 kg/h

Vaporiser plant in cabinet PN 25, with dry-type vaporiser type FAS 2000, for propane/butane, suitable for installation in ex-zone II, in a 10 ft. steel container with double-winged door and 2 ventilation grids, completely mounted and tubed

Exemplary plant consisting out of:

  • 10 ft. steel /storage contaner with ex-fluorescent lamp (2x36 W) and ex-light switch as well as ex-emergency stop switch
  • Ball valve, filter with fine sieve in inlet segment
  • Pressure gauge with shut-off valve
  • Safety valve
  • 8 dry-type vaporisers type FAS 2000 (170 kg/h), overall performance 1250 kg/h, connection voltage rotary current 400 V/50 Hz, connection value 24 kW per vaporiser (overall 192 kW)
  • Control panel for each vaporiser, wired
  • Outlet pipe welded
  • Ball valve in outlet segment
  • Separator with emptying of remainders
  • Inlet, outlet and return at the back wall of the container

Documentation: EU declaration of conformity, dry-type vaporiser with type examination certificate / DEKRA