LPG Storage Tank Plant for earth covered storage, capacity ≥ 3t to < 30t, dome shaft not traversable

Technical details / version:

  • Earth covering: 1.000 mm
  • Operating pressure: 15,6 bar
  • Testing pressure: 22,3 bar
  • Operating temperature: -20°/+40°C
  • Filling level: 85%
  • Material thickness: according to static requirements (corrosion allowance 1 mm)
  • Construction according to AD 2000

Scope of delivery:

  • Epoxide resin-coated LPG storage tank for earth covered storage with 1,0 m earth covering, not traversable, ditch mounting
  • Manhole pit: 2.000 x 1.200 x 1.100 mm, sealed, screwed, with entrance aid, with turn-up lid made from aluminium bulb plate, split execution, traversable, lockable
  • Manhole DN 500
  • With all necessary connections and pipe penetrations
  • Mounting ears for transport of empty tanks
  • Flooding connection G 2“

Consisting out of:

  • Safety relief valve facility as 3-way shut off valve DN32 with 2 internat 1“ safety relief valves
  • Float level gauge large tank version type large gauge 5709, for horizontal, cylindrical tanks
  • Gas withdrawal valve with limit indicator with lifted wall connector
  • Filling connection: ball valve DN 50, back check pressure valve DN 50, flange DN 50, reduction 50/32, safety relief valve and filling valve 1¾” ACME×1¼” NPT (version A)
  • alternative: filling connection: ball valve DN 50, back check pressure valve DN 50, flange DN 50, safety relief valve and filling valve 2¼” ACME × 2” NPT (version B)
  • Vapor withdrawal: ball valve DN 25
  • Venting: ball valve DN 25 with blind flange DN 25/PN 40
  • Emergency emptying: ball valve DN 50 with blind flange DN 50/PN 40
  • Reserve socket DN 25 with blind fl ange DN 25/PN 40, entering in the gaseous phase

Available in the following capacities and measurements:

Documentation: EU declaration of conformity according to pressure equipment directive