Vaporiser plant in cabinet design type FAS 2000 – capacity 200 to 620 kg/h

Vaporiser plant in cabinet design, PN 25, for propane/butane, with several dry-type vaporisers type FAS 2000, indirect heating, suitable for installation in ex-zone II, voltage connection, rotary current 400 V/50 Hz, all valves are mounted and tubed in the steel sheet cabinet.

Dry-type vaporiser with type examination certificate / DEKRA consisting out of:

  • Steel sheet cabinet: with rain protection, vent hole, panel h=100 mm
  • Ball valve: in inlet and outlet, between separator and mean pressure regulator
  • Strainer: with fine sieve, pressure gauge and safety valve in feeding line (liquid phase)
  • Dry-type vaporiser type FAS 2000: with 2 solenoid valves in inlet segment, 1 safety valve in outlet segment, control panel, wired
  • Separator in ball valve: and spring-return mechanism for emtying of remainders
  • Mean pressure regulator: respectively mean pressure and low pressure regulator PN 6 with OPSO and PRV and pressure gauge
  • Pressure gauge with shut-off valve in front ofand behind mean pressure respectively low pressure regulator
  • Vaporiser plants can be extended and combined with single vaporises of identival size due to modular construction.