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FAS & HEROSE announce their partnership for a closer collaboration

  • Soon all LNG and cryogenic fittings directly from FAS stock
  • FAS type LNG and cryogenic systems, fitted with HEROSE equipment
  • FAS Support: Service & Engineering in many countries through local sales structures


LNG Befüllung - LNG Tankstellen
Cryomac - LNG Befüllung - LNG Tankstellen

Cryogenic gases by the example of LNG

Natural gas becomes LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

In order to liquefy natural gas it needs to be compressed and cooled down in different process stages until ist final temperature reaches a value between -161°C and -164°C under atmospheric pressure. The volume ration of LNG to natural gas is 1:600, so that LNG functions as an energy source with a high energy density and many advantages in regard to transportation and storage. It goes without saying that leaks are not an option in industrial gas applications. Hence, with offer products on which performance you can rely on.

Globe Valves, Gate Valves & Check Valves

*Our customers receive the complete programme of cryogenic fittings manufactured by HEROSE, LESER and GOETZE. More informtion on the individual products will follow shortly.

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