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Liquefied Gas (LPG)


Petroleum Products


FAS offers compressors and complete aggregates for the transfer of liquefied gas (LPG) made by the following manufacturers:

Measuring Systems
Hose reels

Hose reels and cable drums are used worldwide in different fields of application, also in road tankers. These products were developed to to wind large amounts of hose or cables.

Hose and cables can be winded in several ways. The easiest application is the use of a drum with a crank handle, so that the hose is winded manually. Another way is the use of a drum with a spring, so that the winding is achieved through the aid of spring tension. Also available as standard is the pneumatic winding via pneumatic engine or a 12V or a 24V engine.

In addition to guiding pulleys and stoppers for hoses we offer electric supplies such as on/off switches or regulators for winding speed.

Hose reels for LPG

Hose reels for petroleum products and further products

Cable drums

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Valves for LPG
Valves for cryogenic media – information will follow shortly
Valves for CO2 – information will follow shortly
Valves for further media – Information will follow shortly


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