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As your efficient partner on a high standard of quality we supply all essential components for LPG road tankers and stationary LPG plants, e.g. LPG valves for pipelines, valves for tanks, pumps and compressor units. Moreover, we are a manufacturer of LPG loading arm stations and dry-type vaporisers. In the segment of cylinder filling we offer the right products for various types of LPG plants – from container unit to single filling scale.

LPG Storage Tank Plants ≥ 3 t
LPG Vaporisers and Plants
LPG Compressors and compressor units

FAS installes for many years compressors of the leading US-american manufacturers CORKEN and Blackmer for applications with LPG in its units and plants.

LPG Pumps and pump units

Our delivery programme includes a variety of pump types in graded sizes and material design. We provide application-specific pump solutions for contaminated, uncontaminated and problematic liquid media as well as for gas mixtures (LPG).

Here we offer a comprehensive product range in the segment of “pump technology“

LPG Dispenser

LPG Dispenser

The LPG dispensers, type FAS, with full hose systems were specially designed for the discharge of LPG (propane/butane). They are characterised by their compact construction in a stainless steel case. The benefits include a modern design, low maintenance costs, long durability, high performance capacity, reliability and safety at a good cost-performance ratio.

Dispenser, type FAS, for different applications:

  • Electronic dispensers for supply to third parties, calibratable
  • Electronic dispensers for supply to third parties, for refuelling of trucks ans busses with hight output perfromance, calibratable
  • Dispenser for in-company application and disposition, not calibratable

Descriptions and details to our standard LPG dispensera can be found here:

Complete LPG filling unit complete with an overground storage tank, valves, base frame, wired, tubed, primed, lacquered

Additional equipment

LPG Plant Construction

Our website is currently under construction. Additional information about the products will be provided soon.

LPG Valves and Supplies

Paticularly high-quality ball valves made out of stainless steel in different versions. Due to this characteristics, the ball valves are very popular among manufacturers of road tankers.

Here you can find our liquid level gauges– a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to the products of well-known manufacturers.

Liquid level gauges by ROCHESTER in different versions.

As a European master distributor for RegO products we offer our customers more than 5000 articles directly from the FAS storage facility.