Dry-type vaporiser type FAS 2000, capacity 32 to 170 kg/h

Dry-type vaporiser type FAS 2000, PN 25, for propane/butane, capacity 32 to 170 kg/h, indirect heating, suitable for installation in ex-zone II, connection value rotary current 400 V/50 Hz, single-phase, wired, consisting out of:

  • Vaporizer case: stainless steel construction with aluminium core, isolation, protection roof and wall mount
  • Heating register as tubular heating element: grouted with vaporiser register, pressure part out of seemless precision tube
  • Safety valve in gaseous phase: set pressure at 25 bar, without condensate wells, typetested
  • Heater-temperature control: fully automatic thermostat-controlled within stipulated limits
  • Flood protection/insufficient temperature protection: redundant, with 2 thermostat-controlled solenoid valves
  • Overheat protection: with safety shutdown
  • Electrical equipment: according to VDE 0165 (EN 60079) ex-zone 2
  • Ignition protection type: ex II 3G ex nR IIA T4 Gc


  • The FAS dry-type vaporiser operates without a heat transfer fluid. An aluminium core with high heat conductivity is used as the heat transfer medium. This ensures short heating and reaction time.
  • The heat transfer medium is heated and monitored within the limits specified using a thermostat. Once the required vaporizing temperature is reached, the solenoid valves open and LPG enters the vaporizer where it is converted into vapor. The modern and reliable design identifies fluctuations in vapor flow and regulates the required heating capacity accordingly.
  • In case of irregularities or power failure, the solenoid valves close. An additional safety temperature limiter monitors and prevents an unexpected rise of the gas outlet temperature.
  • The control of solenoid valves and of the heating will be realized by means of temperature sensor on aluminium block, hereby safety operation of the unit will be ensured. An automatic and safe operation within the ex-zone II is ensured due to construction and design.

When operated outdoor, a protection roof is required (on site)

Documentation: EU declaration of conformity: type examination certificate / DEKRA