Electronic liquid gas dispenser type FAS-430_L

Electronic liquid gas dispenser type FAS-430_L, not calibratable, with integrated control in the dispenser head, with automatic fuel dispenser without receipt printer and special piston counter

Dimensions: H = 1500 mm, B = 500 mm, T = 400 mm

Electrical equipment:

  • Tanker Model 630 / T
  • Interface V24
  • Reader for transponder brands
  • Power supply 230 V AC / 50-60Hz with mains filter
  • LCD display
  • 1 safety switch (push-button)
  • Control with logo unit in the dispenser head
  • Dry running protection

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Design PN 25
  • Special piston meter MK-III-S for LPG, flow rate 5 - 50 l / min
  • Gas vapor separator with built-in fine filter, pressure holding valve, manometer with diaphragm accumulator, check valve, safety valves 25 ba
  • Pipe burst valve in front of the high pressure hos
  • High-pressure hose LPG 16, length 4.5 m, with breakaway coupling and filling gun according to customer specification
  • Pressure line connection: Ball valve 1 "NPT-I
  • connection gas return line: ball valve 3/4 "NPT-IG

For additional price:

  • Solenoid valve in the pressure line
  • Transponder round Brand
  • Emergency stop button in the dispenser head
  • Emergency case refueling switch
  • Hose return system
  • Metal Keyboard
  • Data transmission via modem (various versions)
  • Foundation frame, galvanized, for screwing or setting in concrete
  • Base frame, galvanized, for accepting breakaway couplings

Documentation: EU Declaration of Conformity