Compact unit with verifiable dispenser type FAS-420_L-EC

Compact unit with verifiable dispenser type FAS-420_L-EC with integrated fuel dispenser for EC and fleet cards, system control in dispenser head, complete with a LPG storage container and fittings listed below mounted on a base frame, cased, primed and painted, precision steel tube galvanized.

Execution consisting of:

  • LPG storage tanks including complete fittings
  • Submersible pump type RX33 for propane / butane, capacity: approx. 50 l / min at 7.0 bar differential pressure, max. Power approx. 80 l / min, max. Differential pressure 8,6 bar, three-phase motor in
  • Ex version, power 2.2 kW, 400 V / 50 Hz, with pressure line connection system and Ex junction box
  • Overflow valve FAS type RV18-NRV (Non-Return-Valve) and check valve
  • Ball valve DN 25
  • Degassing valve, pressure gauge and differential pressure switch as dry-running protection including isolating switching amplifier safety valve 25 bar
  • Solenoid valve, Ex-protected, DN 25, 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Ball valve as connection for differential pressure switch / dispenser
  • Check valve in the overflow line and in the gas return line of the dispenser
  • Electronic LPG dispenser, type FAS-420_L-EC with built-in automatic fuel dispenser (model 630 / EC / E) with receipt printer, with customer / EC card reader, including keypad and illuminated display, power supply 230 V AC / 24 V DC, special piston meter FAS MK-III-S, flow rate 5 - 50 l / min, with safety switch (momentary-contact switch) and indicator light, installed in a compact IP 54 stainless steel housing, high-pressure hose LPG 16, length 4.5 m, with breakaway coupling and filling gun according to customer specification, pipe break valve in front of the hose
  • Galvanized fire protection plate and weather protection roof for submersible pump with fittings

Additional equipment / Variants:

  • available with container sizes 2.700l, 4.850l and 6.400l
  • available with external feed pump or submersible motor pump - different versions on request
  • Breakaway couplings in the dispenser base frame
  • Versions with Coriolis counter (sealless) on request
  • Electrical control box for compact system control for installation in the building
  • Setting up the dispenser to the container, standard = front side
  • Stairs for better accessibility of the tank fittings
  • Weather protection roof for the dispenser operator
  • Further designs according to customer specifications on request.

Documentation: EU Declaration of Conformity