Verdampfer-Kompaktanlage Typ FAS 2000 - Verdampferleistung von 15 bis 100 kg/h

Vaporizer compact system PN 25, complete with an above-ground liquefied petroleum gas storage tank and an vaporizer system in cabinet design, type FAS 2000, mounted on a galvanized base frame, piped, use within explosion protection zone 2

Execution consisting of:

  • LPG storage tank for above-ground installation, completely equipped with standard fittings
  • Cabinet-type vaporizer system, complete with sheet steel cabinet, with rain cover, vents and FAS dry vaporizer
  • Medium pressure or medium pressure and low pressure regulator
  • Galvanized base frame, mounted on the LPG tank and the vaporizer system, complete precision steel pipeline for liquid and gas phase, blow-off line for safety valve, outlet 2.5 m above ground level, pipe break valve in the liquid phase pipe
  • Pipe connection gas phase to the consumer unit: left side on the vaporizer cabinet

Electrical connection:

  • Vaporizer capacity 15 kg / h and 25 kg / h: AC, 230 V, 50 Hz, 1-phase,
  • Vaporizer capacity 32 kg / h to 100 kg / h: three-phase current, 400 V, 50 Hz

Documentation: EU Declaration of Conformity; Dry evaporator with type examination certificate / DEKRA

Various Vaporizer arrangements and other designs according to customer requirements on request.