FAS Compressor Technology for LPG

The FAS compressors for LPG are used for transfer of product deliveries from storage tanks and tank trucks to other storage places and for suction of local storage tanks in order to subsequently open and transport them. Depending on the the modell, the piston volume amounts between 3,4 and 704m^3 per hour. The operating range is max. 31 bar.

You can get our FAS compressors in the following versions:

  • Single compressor, e.g. for installation in tank trucks
  • Stationary compressort unit with electric or diesel engine
  • Mobile compressor unit with electric or diesel motor, fixed on a hanger
  • Complete compressor stations, piping, controlling and monitoring units inclusive
  • Optionally, every module can be delivered with a double piston rod seal as well as with a “vibration certificate“ starting from 100m^3/h

We offer compressors made by the following manufacturers:

  • CORKEN (piston volume from 7,00 to max. 704 m3/h)
  • Blackmer (piston volume from 25,38 to max. 200 m3/h)