Electronic LPG dispenser type FAS-220/230, high-mast, calibratable

Type FAS-220 and Type FAS-220 High-Mast are single-sided and equipped with only one piston counter.

Type FAS-230 and Type FAS-230 High-Mast are suitable with two piston counters for the simultaneous refueling of two vehicles.

Stainless steel case with dimensions:
Type FAS-220/230:

  • H (petrol pump) = 1820 mm,
  • H (hydraulic part) = 800 mm, B = 920 mm, T = 520 mm

Type high mast:

  • H (dispenser) = 2110 mm,
  • H (hydraulic part) = 800 mm, B = 1200 mm, T = 520 mm

Electrical equipment:

  • electronic price calculator type Hectronic ER5
  • Protocol ER3 – standard
  • Power supply 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
  • LCD displays, backlit 1 pc for FAS-220, 2 pcs for FAS-230
  • Safety switch (pushbutton) 1 pc. For FAS-220, 2 pc. For FAS-230

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Design PN 25
  • Special piston meter FAS-MK-III-S for LPG, 1 for FAS-220, 2 for FAS-230, flow rate 5 - 50 l / min
  • Gas vapor separator with built-in fine filter, pressure holding valve, manometer with diaphragm accumulator, check valve, safety valves 25 bar
  • Solenoid valve in the pressure line (for FAS-220 at extra charge)
  • Pipe burst valve in front of the high pressure hose
  • High pressure hose LPG 16, length 5,0 m
  • Breakaway
  • 1 filling gun type LG or ZVG with locking device, connection 1-3 / 4 "ACME (type FAS-220 / one hose)
  • 1 filling gun type VPP02, connection dish (type FAS-230 / second hose) or according to customer request
  • Pressure line connection: Ball valve 1 "NPT-IG
  • connection gas return line: ball valve 3/4 "NPT-IG
  • Hose return system (standard with high mast, with FAS-220/230 at extra cost)

Available at extra cost and on customer request:

  • Various dispenser computers for on-site connection to the respective POS system
  • different nozzle types
  • Nozzle gun switch: Magnetic switch
  • Remote Viewing
  • Emergency switch
  • Piston counter with magnetic coupling (sealless)
  • Coriolis counter (sealless)
  • Foundation frame, galvanized, for screwing or setting in concrete
  • Base frame, galvanized, for accepting breakaway couplings
  • Solenoid valve in the discharge line (for FAS-220)
  • Hose return system (for FAS-220/230)
  • Factory conformity assessment according to MID (Order No. 222990)


Documentation: EU Declaration of Conformity

Other designs and models in terms of price calculator, counters and with temperature compensation on request.

All fuel dispensers are factory tested, country specific, manufactured to the specification requested by the customer and supplied with the appropriate country labels.