Hot water evaporators type FAS 3000 - Capacities from 200 bis 3000 kg/h

Hot water evaporators type FAS 3000 are generally used in medium and large industrial enterprises.
Hot-water heated evaporator unit type FAS 3000, PN 25, for propane / butane, indirect hot water heated, completely mounted in steel sheet cabinet and piped, supply voltage 230 V / 50 Hz, wired ready for connection.

Compact unit consisting of:
  • Steel cabinet, with rain cover, vents, console
  • Plate heat exchanger / evaporator type FAS 3000
  • Thermostat for monitoring the gas temperature
  • 2 level sensors to protect against flooding in the heat exchanger and liquid separator
  • 2 solenoid valves in liquid gas inlet
  • Safety valve in the gas phase
  • Safety valve in liquid gas inlet
  • Thermometer for gas temperature and water inlet / outlet
  • Pressure monitor in the hot water circuit
  • Liquid gas separator with ball valve for emptying
  • External switch cabinet for mounting outside the Ex zone and in the building
  • Medium pressure regulator or medium pressure regulator and low pressure regulator with OPSO and PRV
  • Manometer with manometer shut-off valve in front of and behind the medium pressure regulator or low pressure regulator
  • Ball valve in the inlet and outlet of the water or liquid gas line

Typical output ranges are: 200 kg / h, 400 kg / h, 600 kg / h, 800 kg / h, 1200 kg / h, 1900 kg / h, 2500 kg / h, 3000 kg / h, 4000 kg / h, and 5000 kg / h.
All setting pressures and power ranges on request. Designs according to customer requirements on request.

Documentation: EU Declaration of Conformity