Liquid Level Gauges - Large display by FAS

Liquid Level Gauges

FAS Liquid level gauges up to a tank diameter of 4000 mm offer a favorable alternative to electronic filling level probes in storage tanks for LPG. Our FAS liquid level gauges are also upgradable with digital radio-controlled liquid level indicators, e.g. RCT or GOK IAF 70. The systems may be used in stationary tanks as well as in mobile tanks, e.g. in road tankers. Liquid level gauges may be installed vertically or horizontally. Other methods of installation on request.

Liquid level gauges are available in following versions:

  • FAS-Liquid-level-gauge, type FAS-709, for installation in bulk storage tanks or road tankers
  • Standard liquid level gauges for smaller tanks, mark Rochester and SRG
  • Standard versions available for LPG
  • Wireless level monitoring systems or executions with data cable available


Here you can find our liquid level gauges– a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to the products of well-known manufacturers.