Liquid gas small dispenser for internal use

Liquid gas small dispenser for internal use and installation, not calibratable, with integrated control in the dispenser head, without measuring device and without price calculator

Total height: 1605 mm, dispenser head: H = 500mm, W = 400mm, T = 285mm

Electrical equipment:

  • ON-OFF and EMERGENCY-OFF mushroom strike button
  • Pilot light
  • Controller with logo unit integrated in the dispenser head for electrical connection of pump motor, solenoid valve, EMERGENCY STOP button, etc.
  • Dry running protection by means of electrical power measurement or differential pressure switch depending on pump type

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Design PN 25
  • Safety valve 25 bar
  • Peak position ¼ "NPT
  • diaphragm accumulator
  • Pipe burst valve in front of the high pressure hose
  • High-pressure hose LPG 16, length 4.5 m, with breakaway coupling and filling gun according to customer specification
  • Connection pressure line: ball valve 3/4 "NPT-IG

Additional equipment:

  • electronic flow meter / turbine meter PN 40, not suitable for legal metrology, suitable for use in explosion-proof areas, 6-digit LCD display
  • Magnetic valve


Documentation: GIP