Special pumps of the PT series for petroleum products and industrial solvents for stationary applications as well as transport solutions.

Pumps of the PT series are your solution for dispensing and controlling of high-quality liquids and gases. Petroleum pumps by Corken offer the industry a new option in plant construction and for delivery vehicles. The pumps correspond to expected measurement standards from flange to flange and in regard to the mounting foot in order to integrate then into already existing bulk plants and delivery vehicle systems. The characteristics of the PT series are globally appreciated by constructors of large-scale plants, manufacturers of delivery vehicles and fuel vendors for end use.

The pumps of the PT series are available in 3 sizes: 2, 2,5 and 3 inch flange size. The discharge rate ranges from 117 to 1.026 l/min at a differential pressure up to 8,6 bar.

Applications of the PT Series

  • Delivery of heating oil
  • Filling of vehicle fleets
  • Delivery of lubricating oil
  • Bulk transmission
  • Mass loading and mixing
  • Adapted for petrochemicals, petrol, biofuel, ethanol, solvents and more