Corken pumps

Corken was founded in 1924 and is considered as leading manufacturer of industrial compressors and industrial pumps.

This excellent reputation has been established for decades under consideration of the highest product quality and excellent customer service. This, combined with absolute devotion and passion for the products, made Corken world wide famous for its manufacturing expertise.

Corkens passion, finding solutions for compression- and pump problems, came from the founders Otto K. (O.K.) and Charlie Corken. Corken and his son Charlie opened up a sales organisation for water pumps and boiler feed pumps in Oklahoma City. During the mid 40s began the production of compressors and pumps for the liquid gas industry. Both men were known for their passion and engagement to develope solutions for complex compression- and pump problems, which were connecting with LPG and other industrial gases and liquids. In the following years Corken became rapidly famous for its quality standards of industrial compressors and pumps for propane, butane and anhydrous ammonia.

Nowadays are compressors, pumps and technical packages of Corken used by a large number of companies all over the globe, including Far East, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East as well as South- and North America. Corken serves each of their customers over an extensive dealer network, from whom each has the same engagement for customer service, like Corken proves for more than 90 years.


CORKEN Rotary vane pumps and turbine pumps