• Flexible and customisable

Sampi´s Truck III is equipped with a inventory system that let you plan and control the correct product delivery in real time. Truck III runs on any kind of metering technology and it can manage up to 6 product categories and 2 measuring heads. Each category can be further customised by selecting up to 5 commercial names.

  • User centered

Truck III guides the operator in the daily deliveries, by means of a user friendly interface, with multilingual support, functional keys and printer sharing functionality.

  • Maintenance-friendly

Remote diagnostic and set up come true with the new Truck III! Furthermore, it is equipped with a complete alert system that will make the operator timely aware of the periodical maintenance programs.

  • Full connectivity

Truck III is leading in the world of remote connectivity and system integration. SAMPI has made exceptional efforts in this direction, and now Truck III fully supports the main communication standards: HSDPA, WI-FI, BLUETOOTH, GPS, RS 485 & 232.

  • Theft protection package

You won´t miss any single drop of product. Truck III has the capability to store up to 2 years of operating activities, and up to 50 days of power-off counting. With Truck III, an authorised person can access to a detailed report of power-off activities. Truck III can be easily integrated in remote tracking systems and it is equipped with a remote display functionality that let you monitor all fleet deliveries.