LNG – L-CNG – Control Unit & Automation Unit

Electric Control Unit and Automation Unit

One of the key functions of the electric switch box is the monitoring of production parameters of pump units during all processes and the cancellation of LNG production in unusual situations.

The electric control panel is eqipped with:

  • A LCD panel for monitoring all parameters of the filling process and the pump status. It is used for modification of production parameters.
  • On/Off key pump
  • Parameter control lamp
  • Emergency stop
  • Audible warning signal
  • Thermal motor protection
  • Contacts for connection of external operating keys (if required)

The structure of the operating unit provides a constant monitoring of temperature and pressure

  • Pump temperature PT100, - leakage of vacuum coat of PT100 pump
  • Dry-run protection PT100, high pressure monitoring

The application of the electric switch box enables the communication with peripheral gas monitoring devices after vaporisation section.

The control unit can be directly installed at the frame of the pump unit or can be set up at another suitable location.