Combined refueling offers the option of refueling both, L-CNG and LNG at a fueling station. In this version, both filling lines operate on the same LNG storage container. At the end of the two filling lines is at least one dispenser, either for LNG or CNG vehicles.


The LNG from the storage tank is pumped into the atmospheric evaporators by means of a cryogenic pumping system under about 300 bar pressure. The LNG evaporates and then passes in gaseous form to the monitoring panel, which regulates the pressure distribution in the CNG pressure accumulator. The pressure accumulator has one, two or three different pressure levels, which are necessary for the gradual refueling of the vehicle. Our basic offer includes a two-stage accumulator. The CNG then enters the vehicle via the petrol pump.

A cryogenic pump delivers the cryogenic LNG from the storage bin to the pump. The LNG contained in the storage container is constantly kept at a saturated level. Thus, the LNG can be used in all available LNG vehicles. The LNG then enters the vehicle tank via the petrol pump.