Blackmer Pumps

Whilst Blackmer traces its roots to the year 1899, the company was officially founded in 1903. Blackmer, nowadays a part of PSG®, a Dover company, is a worls’s leading company for innovative, high-qualtiy positive displacement- and screw pumps, regenerative turbines and centrifugal pumps as well as reciprocating compressors for various markets like oil and gas, biodiesel, refined fuels, liquified gases, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), truck and transport, liquid bulk terminals, military and navy, chemical processing, paints and coatings and soap and detergent.

Blackmer-products are sold worldwide with a network of distributors like FAS, which are supported by Blackmer sales- and service representatives in a wide range of applications in  the areas process, energy, transport and military and navy.

BLACKMER vane pumps

BLACKMER - FAS vane pump units