FAS operates on the global markets since more than forty years and serves reputable customers from the wide range of industries. In this time we were able to establish numerous partnerships with market-leading companies. These partnerships have partly been in existence for many decades and involve a lively exchange of experience and knowledge of our companies. Experiences from which especially our customers profit! One of these companies, that we work with since many years, is EDUR from Kiel.

EDUR is your specialist for individual centrifugal pumps. As a developer and manufacturer of centrifugal pumps, EDUR produces tailored pumps for your application. Simultaneously, as an official EDUR-trading partner and competent consultant and technology partner, we at FAS serve our customers with an international interpretation and comprehensive service.

Particularly in the area „dissolved air flotation“ does EDUR set global standards with the multiphase pumps. A further emphasis focuses on pumping liquid gas. The operational field of the EDUR-pumps is to be found in industrial companies, plants for storage of combustible and fuel, in shipyards and refrigeration plants as well as drilling rig and in water management.

Since 1927 does EDUR market most modern pumps with the high quality standard „Made in Germany“. The innovative pump technology of the EDUR pump factory has constantly developed over the years and is setting new benchmarks on the global market these days. The product range is the outcome of excellent engineering services, innovative production methods and a forward-setting company philosophy.

EDUR & FAS offer you a comprehensive pump selection programme to meet many different requirements:

  •  Normal priming and self-priming centrifugal pumps for transportation of liquids
  • Multiphase pumps for gas-laden liquids and gas enrichment
  • Non-chokable pumps for solids-laden liquids
  • Individual special solutions for pumps


This is how water- and wastewater treatment plants are optimised by EDUR multiphase pumps. Whether it is dissolved air flotation for cleaning industrial and urban wastewater, ozonisation of drinking- or service water – the multiphase pumps are always working as dynamic mixer and simplify the plant layout. This results in reducing investments on one side, and decreased running costs on the other suide.

Even at a clean transportation of liquids are high energy-saving potentials usable. Circulation pumps with large nominal diameters are reducing the internal losses in the pump system and are ensuring high efficiencies.

Even more beneficial is the application from EDUR-FAS pumps at transportation of liquid gas. Energy savings up to 50% and low investments costs lead to a quick amortisation. Besides this, the pumps are also more compact, what simplifies mobile applications.

Refrigerating pumps are, next to brine pumps, also mature products for the reliable operation. The hermetic sealing in conjunction with a great suction performance creates process reliabilty, even at critical media like CO2 or ammonia.