Natural Gas Dispenser S

FAS CNG Dispenser Type E30 CNG R 11F – 1 delivery hose, 1 pressure stage

  • EU-declaration of conformity and ATEX-label
  • OIML R139 declaration of conformity (NMi) and PED-certification (SGS)
  • Micro Motion CNG050 mass flow metre with measurement accuracy of 0,5%
  • Temperature compensated tank pressure , 200 bar at a temperature of 15°C
  • One filling hose
  • One compression bench: low pressure
  • Maxium flow rate: 77kg/min
  • CETIL EAS2 processor with OIML R81, R117-1 and R139 certification (NMi)
    - Communication with mass flow metre via Modbus
    - Communication with payment terminal via EAS1 protocol
    - Communication with SPS via Modbus for accessing dispenser data
    - Graphic display
    - Storing of last 150 deliveries and 250 error codes
  • Voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz, 300W
  • Dispenser casing with EAS2 processor: IP54
  • Base frame and casing out of galvanised steel, primed and powder-coated
  • Manual intake valve and filter for each pressure stage
  • Automatic change of pressure stages with electric valves
  • 1/2“ stainless steel piping
  • On/Off or configurable key as deadman´s switch and delivery notice
  • Emergency stop button


VAR E30 CNG ST 3,5M hose – flexible filling hose 3/8“ and 1/4“ venting hose with breakaway coupling and NGV1 Stäubli filling pistol


Initial commissioning with customer instruction