Cryogenics is the technique to generate low temperatures e.g. for the liquefacation and separation of gases. It is not clearly defined when the cooling on the temperature scale ends and cryogenics begins, but scientiest assume, a gas is cryogenic when being liquefied at                      -150°C or below (123K).

In Germany, FAS distributes the pumps of the renowned maufacturer „Vanzetti“ for cryogenic applications. Main application fields of these pumps are construction and transportation of technical gases and LNG.

Further applications of cryogenics can be found in:

  • Energy technology (nuclear fusion reactors)
  • High-energy physics (particle accelerator)
  • Vacuum technology (cryogenic pumps)
  • Energy technology (SMESs energy storage, liquid hydrogen fuel)
  • Measurement technology (SQUIDs, detectors)
  • Cryobiology
  • Process engineering (liquefaction of gases, low-temperature rectification, recycling)
  • Petrochemistry, natural gas industry, liquefaction of natural gas)
  • Food industry (shock freeze)
  • Energy recovery technology
  • Electrotechnology, electronics
  • Medicine (cryosurgery), extraction of medical gases

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