Our standard LNG tanks are manufactured for vertical or horizontal installation. The operating volume starts at 5.5 m³ and ends at 72.6 m³ capacity. On request, other containers can be made in different sizes. On request, our containers can also be manufactured with a MWAP of up to 16 bar. This is achieved by a higher wall thickness of the container and has the advantage that the period until the opening of the blow-off valve is significantly extended. This in turn means less losses due to degassing during periods of low activity.

Our standards:

  • Earthquake design according to Eurocode 3
  • Optimized for shipping
  • Valve groups in the lower area
  • Volume Optimized
  • High-quality coating by drying in the oven
  • Non-destructive testing according to standards (radiographic, indentation, magnetic particle inspection, etc.)
  • Manufacture and operating license according to Directive 2014/68 / EU for Pressure Equipment (PED) according to EN 13458 - Annex C, AD 2000 Code, ASME (U STAMP), GOST


The transport dimensions may vary depending on the selected piping or instrument options.