Check valves for natural gas applications and high-pressure operation

Oasis Enginieering Ltd. is a specialised high precision factory for precision turning and precision machining located in Tauranga, New Zealand. Originally, the company began as the maintenance department of the Gisborne Oasis soft drink brand but was finally cut loose during increased rationalisation in the 1980s. Moving to the Bay of Plenty the company quickly established a strong reputation as a manufacturer that realibly produced close-tolerance machined parts out of dificult to work materials: stainless steel and titanium. It was this reputation that made Caltex to select Oasis to produce the valves and couplings that were needed for the new fuel – compressed natural gas (CNG). Since then Oasis has produced parts for every major CNG company serving projects in over 40 countries.


Unidirectional flow applications such as CNG dispensers, filling panels, priority panels, compressors, trailers and service stations. Suitable for CNG, helium, biogas, nitrogen, air and other gases on enquiry.