Water supply and water treatment

Due to the robustness and longevity, our pumps are being inserted in the water supply and water treatment of municipalities, communities and in the industry for many years. One of the reasons for that is especially the ability of gas entrain, which is indispensible in some applications.

To guarantee you outstanding energy efficiency, we also supply individual and adjusted pump systems for these industries. Water, contaminated with large particles, is not uncommon in these industries. Specially for this, we offer you various vortex pumps for the promotion of contaminated water with large particles. Our multiphase pumps by VDMA in flotation plants are used globally.

Further applications of our pump systems in the water and wastewater technology are the treatment of oil and water emulsions, grease separation, phosphate precipitation, heavy metal precipitation and the final sedimentation in biological treatment plants.

Suitable pumps for applications in this fields:

• Multiphase pumps - Download data sheet
• Torque-Flow pumps - Download data sheet
• Self-priming centrifugal pump - Download data sheet
• Centrifugal steel pump - Download data sheet