FAS operates on the global markets since more than forty years and serves reputable customers from the wide range of industries. In this time we were able to establish numerous partnerships with market-leading companies. These partnerships have partly been in existence for many decades and involve a lively exchange of experience and knowledge of our companies. Experiences from which especially our customers profit! One of these companies, that we work with since many years, is EDUR from Kiel.

Business fundamental of the founded EDUR pump factory on the first of april 1927 was a self-developed self-priming centrifugal pump. Unlike from the at that time already known side-channel pumps, the EDUR pump operated according to the patented principle of the liquid-air-carburation.

The from the EDUR developed centrifugal pump opened impeller is one of the most important design features, that have been developed in the last years and that resulted in improvement of mode of action at transport of suspension. The channels are accessibale for cleaning, the manufacturing costs are lower. The efficiency improvement at the opened impeller compared to the conventional design is traced to discontinuance of the glass pane cleaning between the front cover plate and the housing wall.

Characteristics and features of opened impellers of centrifugal pumps:

  • Open impellers are applied successfully by EDUR for more than 80 years.
  • The open impeller adjusts hydraulical with a defined clearance between the housing walls. That is why the open impeller must not be fixed axial on the shaft.
  • The open impeller works absolutely thrust free
  • Pressure differences of suction- and pressure side cannot occur, since no cover plates exist

These open impellers are deployed in ring casing pumps. According to the modular principle can single-stage- and multistage pumps be installed. Additionally, guide vanes are located in the ring casing of the EDUR pump, which are hydraulically separating the housing and lead to an improved air eligibilty.

As soon as the open impeller moves within the pump, a pressure difference arises at the bucket front- and backside, which ensures, that a minimal liquid flow forms by the double-sided pressure drop between bucket and housing, that centres the open impeller. This prevents a tarnish of the open impeller, it only arises fluid friction and thereby a good efficiency.

Our pump selection contains the most different centrifugal pump types in graduated sizes and material design. As partner of one of the most renowned specialty pump manufactures are we from FAS supplying your pumping solution – as a nude pump, pumping unit or pump system – for a precise application!

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